Slettet medlem: a day at the beach...

a day at the beach...

3 Okt 2014 på 17:03


went to the nude beach ..first time.. was overwhelmed by what i found there.. took off my clothes and right into the water.. then enjoyed a cold beer.. looked around and found a couple..the woman all set to swallow cum and the man looking and deciding who goes next.. lot of audience standing around playing with their cocks.. but it was soon over.. then moved towards the gay area... determined to have some fun.. found a nice little spot between a single guy and a couple ... lied down the enjoying my beer.. the guy next to me was already checking me out.. so just to check if he was interested i turned away from him for a while and then went into the water.. he was still checking me out while i got out of the water.. i then went around to check out the people.. found some people in the bushes who were looking for some fun..but none of them were interesting.. my mind was still stuck on the guy who was checking me out.. went back and enjoyed the sun for a while.. he continued to look at me and smile .. but nothing more.... maybe he needed a push.. saw that he was smoking.. even though don't smoke very often .. i went up to him and asked if i can borrow one.. he gladly gave me one and invited me to lie down beside him if I wished.. i agreed ... the nicotine hit me hard.. after all it was after a long time i had smoked.. added to that were the couple of beers and the sun.. i was high.. so i just closed my eyes and relaxed.. after a while i could feel his fingers running up and down my body and caressing my balls.. i liked it... he knew what he was doing.. and shortly i was hard too.. i turned by back to him and he continued to touch me.. he then move close to me and started to kiss me.. i could feel his cock... it was soft ... i played with it for a while.. he then got down to business.. sucked me real hard and made me cum.. i returned the favour.. should have seen the smile on his face... we then went into the water together for a while.. he just kept smiling... offered me a cigarette after that.. enjoyed a lot the sun, the cigarette and him... :-)

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